Ita Wegman-Sponsorship for international activities

Ita Wegman (1876-1943) developed Anthroposophic Medicine together with Rudolf Steiner. Her biography led her a long way, from her birth in Java to various places in Europe. Her activities always included  the international society and she corresponded with numerous people all around the world.

The sponsorship

Using our international sponsorship program, we foster activities of international students, therapists or other people active in the field of Anthroposophic Medicine.
Our main goal is enable foreign people with high engagement in Anthroposophic Medicine to participate in events in Germany or vice versa.

Ideally stays last longer than the actual event and include further internships or other related activities in order to compensate for the relatively high traveling effort.

To live up to the varying demands according to different financial and traveling situations, we decide on an individual level if, how and to what extend we support such activities. Our goal thereby always is to enable participation in and contribution to Anthroposophic Medicine on an international level.

How it works

For initial application, a motivational letter is sufficient, including a description of the financial needs.

Please send your application by mail to [email protected]

Applications can be written in english, spanish or french.